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Ecological purification of residual waters in Africa and Latin America

Pedro Tomas Thin, cofundador of Water Inc, leads a project for the purification of residual waters with low cost by means of technicians of utilisation of plants for the treatment of waters no treated in small populations.

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Course on New Tendencies in Gestión of the Integral Cycle of the Water

The University Miguel Hernández, in collaboration with the University of Alicante and the Insituto of the Water and the Environmental Sciences, organise the 2º New "Course tendencies in gestión of the integral cycle of the water, that will take place the next days 5 and 6 May 2016.

The Prey of Relleu: reference of the hydraulic heritage

The prey of Relleu, built in the century VXII, went the first whose construction realised in shape of arch, being important part of the hydraulic heritage of the province of Alicante. Thus, the next dia 23 April will take place a Conference Colloquium on this infrastructure, as well as the dia 24 April there will be an excursion until the prey.

The Route dels Molins of Banyeres "Well of Cultural Interest"

The Conselleria of Education, Investigation and Sport has declared the Route of the Molins Paperers of Banyeres of Mariola as "Well of Cultural Interest with the category of Espacion Ethnological". This area that remained out of the field of the natural park of the Saw of Mariola has achieved this denomination by the favourable report issued by the IUACA, where stands out the buildings of aprovechamiento hydraulic to the bank of the rio that used in the industry miller as in the agriculture.

Helps for the realisation of TFM in the Master University of the IUACA

The General Direction of the Water of the Generalitat Valencian has conceded 5 helps so that the students that are inscribed in the Máster University in Sustainable Gestión and Technologies of the Water can realise the Work End of Máster (TFM), these are the following:

1. Degradation anaerobia of contaminantes emergent selected (Student: Carolina López Alcarría, Tutor: Daniel Prats Rico)

2. Technicians of sustainable urban drainage (Student: Héctor Fernández Rodriguez, Tutor: Arturo Trapote Jaume).

3. Processes of oxidation advanced for the elimination of contaminantes emergent (Student: Olivia González Martínez, Tutor: Daniel Prats Rico)

4. Presence of contaminantes emergent in natural waters (Student: Martha Lorena Ramírez Cavalier, Tutor: Pedro Varó Galvañ)

5. Effect of the electromagnetism on the hardness of the water (Student: David Verdú Seal, Tutor: Nuria Boluda Bottle)

Day on the gestión of Urban Solid Waste

The past 11 March took place the Seminar "economic Appearances and technicians in the gestión of the Solid Waste in the province of Alicante" chaired by the Rector of the UA, Manuel Dovecot Sanz and with the presence of the Deputy of Environment Energy and Waste, Javier Sendra, as well as the Autonomic Secretary of Environment and climatic change, Julià Alvaro Prat.

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Delivery by the Excmo. Mgfco. Mr. Rector of the Or.To., D. Manuel Dovecot Sanz, to proposal of the IUACA, of the Reward equality 2016 to the company Water Municipalizadas of Alicante, And. M. (AMAEM), by the defence and promotion of the principle of equality of opportunities between women and men in his business activity and, in particular, by his commitment in increasing the presence of women in the business direction; the adoption of new measures of corresponsabilidad; and the development of processes of new contracting that includes to victims of violence of gender. In the act took place a recital of music and letter of the singer Martirio: %u201CConference sung: the woman and the copla in our sentimental education%u201D.

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It pleases us communicate you that thanks to the contribution that the IUACA is doing to the web iAgua have reached during the month of February his historical milestone in number of pages seen, with a total of 342.742 visualisations. It fits to stand out that our Institute occupies the 6ª position between the most stood out entities, as it can observe in the following link

Presentation of the book "Waters that it joins us"

The past dia 23 February 2016 the journalist Manuel Buitrago presented in the Headquarters of the UA in the city of Alicante, the book "Waters that it joins us" that it narrates 35 years of history of the Central Union of Regantes of the Aqueduct Hack-Safe (SCRATS). Besides it had the presence for the presentation of the book dede Joaquin Melgarejo, director of the IUACA and Jose Manuel Claver, president of the SCRATS

The Marsh of Tibi, the most ancient of Europe

The Newspaper The Provinces and the Newspaper ABC have published both articles on the marsh of Tibi, the most ancient built in Europe and that dates of the 16th century. According to the Director of the Insituto of the Water, Joaquin Melgarejo,  projects for this hydraulic infrastructure the improvement of the cartografia, the accesses and the signaling.

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Presentation of the Book "The Marshes of modern period of the Province of Alicante"

The past dia 14 January 2015 took place in the Provincial Palace of the Excma. Provincial deputation of Alicante the book "The Marshes of modern period of the Province of Alicante", directed by Joaquin Melgarejo Moreno.

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Publication Rid: "Marshes of Epoca Modern in the Province of Alicante"

The Deputation of Alicante and the IUACA publish the book: "The Marshes of Modern Period of the Province of Alicante", directed by Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno.
In him conjugan environment, culture, architecture and engineering, describing from an integral perspective the historical marshes of the province of Alicante: the one of Tibi, the one of Elche and the one of Relleu.

Information newspaper publishes a study conducted by the UIWES on the traditional irrigation

The information daily published a press release on last 15 November of 2015 on the basis of a study by the Institute of water and environmental sciences on the use of the traditional irrigation in the Vega Baja with water from the river Segura that already had been used previously for irrigation.

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Homage to Ramón Martín Mateo

Friday 23 October at 11:00 will take place in in the Natural Park of las Lagunas de Ruidera, the planting of a tree as a tribute to Ramón Martín Mateo for his dedication to the defense of the environment, within the initiative "A life, a tree".

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The journal of information published studies carried out by the UIWES

Two press releases in the daily information during the month of August 2015, which incorporates studies carried out by Joaquín Melgarejo and Andrés Molina on the reuse of regenerated in the province of Alicante waters as well as the problems of water resources have been published. More information:

1 press release

2 press release

Waters 2015 challenges Conference

Next 5 and 6 of November of 2015 will take place in Murcia the Congress "Challenges of the water law.", legal, economic and environmental variables

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Pre-registration Master in sustainable management and water technologies by 2015 / 2016

The pre-registration period is open to Master's degree in sustainable management and water technologies for the year 2015-2016, given by the Institute of water and environmental sciences.

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Meeting between UNAH and the UIWES

On June 16 the Vice-Rector academic Zara Calderon's visit took place at the Institute of water and Dean Dela College of engineering, both from the National Autonomous University of Honduras with Joaquin Melgarejo Moreno and Daniel Prats Rico. The reason was to establish a partnership in the doctoral programme of the UIWES, as well as the Master's degree in sustainable management and water technologies.

Course of new trends in the Integral water cycle

The next July 16-17, 2015 will take place in the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, a course on new tendencies in the Integral water cycle, with the participation of the UIWES in the Organization of the course.

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Visits in the course of specialist in desalination and reuse

After a visit last June 9, the registered course organized by the UIWES, specialist in desalination and reuse has been published on the web iambiente and Aguas de Alicante both news. The students came accompanied by Professor Don Daniel Prats of the University of Alicante and the Rector magnificent of the University of Havana, Don Gustavo Cobreiro.

Information day on Master 2015

It will celebrate the next Tuesday 16 June 2015 in the boardroom of the Faculty of Sciences at an information day on different master's degrees related to the theme "Environment and territory". More information

Presentation Master sustainable management and water technologies course 2014-2015

It has published the video of presentation of the Master's degree in sustainable management and water technologies of the 2014-2015 course. You can see the video on the link below. Video presentation

II Spanish Conference. Edition 2015

The next days 27 and 28 may 2015 will celebrate the II Jornadas Hispano-brasilenas: "Water, sustainability and company".

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Publication of the day Hispano-brasilena I on water and sustainability

The book published in Brazil: "water, sustainability E DIREITO. Brazil-ESPANHA"about the early days Hispano-brasilenas on water and sustainability, held in 2014. You can have free access to their content on the following link.

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Memorandum on the Tagus-Segura transfer

The UIWES presents its report on the memorandum from the Tajo-Segura transfer.
The event took place in the building of the University of Alicante's san Fernando and has counted with the presence of the President and the Vice-President of the Council.
Joaquín Melgarejo has highlighted the importance of infrastructure to Alicante and Murcia and the consensus between all the parties involved.

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Provincial water table

The last day December 1, 2014 the Provincial water table met whose membership is the Director of the Institute of the water Joaquin Melgarejo and coordinator of Proyectos Daniel Prats. Press release.

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He has been published in the journal information the news on the international seminar of water, architecture and landscape in Europe, which organized the Institute of water and environmental sciences last day on November 21, 2014. more information.

Official Title Specialist Desalination and Water Reuse

The website will be the platform for access to Official Title Specialist Desalination and Water Reuse, whose pre-registration period ends on December 19, 2014 is published.

International seminar at the Institute of water

The next day November 21 will take place an international seminar on water, architecture and landscape in Europe, organized by the Institute of water and environmental sciences. More information.

Project granted by the Ministry of economy and competitiveness

The Ministry of economy and competitiveness has awarded a project during the next three years to the study of removing pollutants emerging in waters. This news has been great repercussion among the media.

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International seminar "The water in the Iberian Peninsula"

The next 6 and November 7, 2014 will be held the international seminar "The water in la Peninsula Iberica", which will be held at the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, in the Sala Misteri d'Elx, building Tower Vaillo. more information

Degree: postgraduate diploma in desalination and water reuse

New title itself in the Institute of water and environmental sciences: "University Specialist in desalination and water reuse". It will begin in January, 2015 and will be blended, online for theoretical classes, visits to treatment plants.

Pre-registration Master in sustainable management and water technologies. Course 2014-2015

The pre-registration period is open to Master's degree in sustainable management and water technologies for the academic year 2014-2015, given by the Institute of water and environmental sciences.

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Spanish day closing Act

The Hispano-brasilenas Conference on sustainability of the water consumption and security of supply was closed with the presence of Rector of the University of Alicante Sr D. Manuel Palomar Sanz and the Vice President of the Generalitat Valenciana Sr D. José Ciscar Bolufer.

First Conference of Socio-environmental impact assessments

The Institute of water and environmental sciences organizes the I Conference of evaluations of impact environmental which will be held between March 31 to April 4, 2014. More information

The water Institute at the Roundtable on the Tajo-Segura transfer

The agri-food industry linked to the water from the Tagus-Segura transfer brings together 2.364 million euros a year to the national GDP and holds one hundred thousand jobs. Something that makes the infrastructure in a matter of State, beyond the direct importance having water transfer to Alicante and Murcia. The data, "hot", taken from a recent report by the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, and subsequent reflection of the rapporteurs, summarized the conclusions of the round table on the transfer yesterday organized by House of the Mediterranean in the Museum of the water of Alicante, and which featured as speakers with the teachers Joaquín Melgarejo and Andrés Molina, forming part of the Group of experts of the University of Alicante which best knows the reality of a project which cost 1.8 billion of EUR and that, among other things, it has avoided that "Alicante is today a desert', according to Melgarejo.

The Symposium, organized by Casa del Mediterraneo in collaboration with Aguas de Alicante, was followed closely by a public among which highlighted the presence of José María Claver, Chairman of the Union of Regantes of the Tajo - Segura, who returned to celebrate the present condition of the transfer, now without 'clause Narbonne that threatens him' and in a much more optimistic scenario that lived some years ago with the threat of closure in 2015.

Water from the Tagus is vital for 62% of Alicante irrigated agriculture, a sector which are billed by 330 million euros a year and gives employment to 110,000 people in the basin of the Segura, of which 51.325 live in the province. The gross value of irrigation in the stocked zone is estimated at 1.7 billion euros. To this figure must be added that the agri-food industry linked to the transfer water provides 2.4 billion euros to national GDP.

Professor Joaquín Melgarejo, head of the Department of applied economic analysis of the UA, stressed, in this regard, that driving is vital, both for its direct relationship with the agricultural economy, as per the fact that this work, commissioning at the end of the 1970s, has served to supply drinking water to a fixed of a million people in Alicante and Murcia populationwhich reaches the million and a half during the summer. Melgarejo explained that in the territory covered by the transfer broke with the migratory cycle, which, in some cases, crawled from the end of the 19th century, and moved to another immigration and growth.

Professor Melgarejo recalled in his report, on the other hand, that the autonomous of Castilla - La Mancha, Madrid and Extremadura, water from the Tagus coming to Alicante and Murcia, licensors received between 1986-2007 around 300 million euros for farmers and councils by the assigned flow, "quantity that today will be high", stressed Melgarejo. According to the law of the transfer, the money should be used to fund environmental projects. "Another issue is that funds do not end in the Confederation of the Tagus, which manages the canal." Prior to 1986, collected the financial compensation, which accounted for 4% annual cost works, the State, which was in charge of applying those revenues to such improvement work.

The round table together with the Director of Mediterranean House, Almudena Muñoz, also intervened administrative law professor and Secretary of the water Institute, Andrés Molina. The lawyer stressed that the memorandum signed by means Ministry of agriculture and Valencian Community, Murcia, La Mancha, Madrid and Extremadura has meant as a main achievement «overcome the doubts of survival of the transfer. Generates ' a stable and safe legal framework and avoids confrontation and politicization, but it is necessary to provide a more comprehensive legal framework, as all transfers in Spain», said Molina.

Panel discussion on the actuality of the Tajo-Segura transfer

A round table organized by Mediterranean House will discuss next Wednesday in Alicante the exploitation of water resources and the economic relevance of the Tajo-Segura transfer, as well as the recent memorandum on their exploitation.

With the title "Water resources management", this initiative includes a lecture by the director of the Institute of water and the environmental sciences of the University of Alicante, Joaquín Melgarejo, on the origin, performance and impact of the transfer.

According to a statement from Mediterranean House, there is also another paper to the Secretary of the same water Institute, Andrés Molina Giménez, about the memorandum and its impact on the rule of law.

The round table will be held on Wednesday from 12: 30 hours at the headquarters of the water Museum, in "Los Garrigos wells" in Alicante, and will be presented by the Mediterranean House, Almudena Muñoz, Director and director of institutional relations at Aguas de Alicante, Antonio Ivorra and customers.

During February, Mediterranean House carries out activities whose common denominator is water, coinciding with the international meeting organized in Valencia day 26 to become point of departure for negotiations on the common strategy of the water in the Western Mediterranean, following the hispano-argelina proposal presented at the UN General Assembly.

Elections to the Council of the Institute of water and environmental sciences

He has started the election period for the elections to the Council of the Institute of water. For more information and monitoring of the electoral process click here

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