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Doctoral programme in Integral water management

To obtain the degree of Doctor by the University of Alicante, it is necessary to have overcome a period of training and a period of research organized. The set of all training activities and research leading to the obtaining of the títutlo is known as doctoral program.

  • Training period.

This Ph. d. program does a period of training itself, so that you can access directly the research period.

  • Research period.

His enrollment at the University, which will give them the right to academic tutelage, the necessary resources allows for the development of their work and the fullness of rights provided for in the regulations for PhD students who have been admitted to the research programme, formalizarán each academic year.

Students are assigned to a line of research and it shall be, if it were the case, courses or seminars referred to in the line, allowing your agent and the director or head of the line, common agreement provide him any if they consider it unnecessary in view of the prior training of students.

During the first academic year the doctoral thesis project must be made (until 30 September).

The tuition fees in concept of academic supervision and by the completion of courses and seminars, the fixed the Valencia regional government for each academic year.

  • Ph.d. thesis

The doctoral thesis consist of an original work of research, which will be evaluated in an act of defence to take place in public session and will in the exhibition and presentation of the research developed before the members of the Court.


Then relate the research lines that consists the doctoral programme during the period of investigation and, where appropriate, seminars and/or training courses covering each of the lines.

Requirements for admission to the lines of research should be consulted with the organizers of the doctoral programme.

  • Quality of the water.
  • Desalination of brackish and sea water.
  • Economics of water.
  • Studies on treatment, management and disposal of sewage sludge.
  • History and present of organizations and institutions related with water.
  • Environmental impact on the marine environment.
  • Hydrological planning.
  • Membrane for wastewater treatment processes.
  • Recharge, overexploitation, salinization and protection of aquifers.
  • Water resources and regional development.


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