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Aims and Competitions

This course pretends to provide to the student the necessary knowledges to develop his future activity in the professional field, or in the field of the investigation, in the sustainable management of the water. For this they contribute the necessary elements of distinct disciplines so that they are able to interpret the group of the knowledge, the technologies and the instruments of management.

The sustainable management of the water  largely of Spain, and fundamentally in the Cuenca Mediterranean, Balearic and Canaries, demands the appropriate performance in all his cycle of aprovechamiento. All the students purchase the conceptual training required on the elements that configure this cycle of the water (catchment of natural resources, resources no conventional, regulation and transport, distribution to users, treatment, reuse and environmental evacuation) and on the optimum management of the resources (legal rule, norms of management of quality, systems of administration, recovery of costs), in terms of quality, rational and efficient use of the resources and protection of the environment, attending to the fulfillment of the Directive Marco of the Water.

With the superación of the course purchase the following specific competitions:

  • General knowledge of the problematic of the water and his evaluation.
  • Capacity to choose the most suitable methodology for the exploration, the catchment and the aprovechamiento of the resource hídrico in his double slope of superficial waters and subterranean waters.
  • Knowledge of the elements that integrate the balance hídrico.
  • Knowledge of the composition and properties of the waters and the chemical and physical phenomena that take place so much of natural form and induced artificially, or by the presence of contaminantes.
  • Knowledge of the biological components related with the life in the water and his importance on the quality of the water and his depuración.
  • Knowledge of the parameters indicators of physical pollution, chemical and biological of the waters, and of the technicians for his determination.
  • Knowledge of the systems of management of the quality in the analytical laboratories.
  • Knowledge of the conventional technologies and advanced, and of the new technologies of membranes, for the treatment of the water, and capacity for his selection in function of the quality of the gross water and treated, and of the possible stages of management.
  • Knowledge of the operation and of the potential risks associated to the plants of treatment of waters, and capacity to apply plans of prevention and security.
  • Knowledge of the procedures of stabilisation, reuse and evacuation of slimes.
  • Knowledge of the most significant rule related with the management of the resource, with emphasis in the Directive Marco of the Water.
  • Capacity to evaluate from the social point of view, technical and economic the feasibility of the reuse of residual waters.
  • Knowledge of the technologies for the desalinisation and of the technical appearances, economic and environmental more significant.
  • Evaluation of the resources of usable water for the distinct uses and his problematic specific, with special reference to the Hydrographic Demarcations of the Júcar and of the Safe. Needs and resources.
  • Knowledge of the models of public administration of the water.
  • Capacity to value the costs and his recovery. Concepts of taxes and prices. Canon of saneamiento and canon of poured.
  • Aptitude to evaluate distinct alternatives of management from an integral and multidisciplinary approximation, and select the most efficient in a frame of sustainable development.

Likewise they will purchase the knowledges idóneos for the realisation of a doctorate in any specific subject related with the integral cycle of the water. They Will be able to opt to realise his theses doctorales between multiple fields related with the integral management of the water and the same will be tuteladas and directed by researchers members of Institute of the Water and of the Environmental Sciences of the University of Alicante, framed in the lines of own investigation of each group. 

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