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Descriptors of the materials

The matters that compose the plan of studies of the University Master in Sustainable Management and Technologies of the water have conceived of an integrated way in his contents, incorporating the most significant appearances related with the integral management of the water, and schedule in sequential order from a logical point of view related with the cycle of aprovechamiento of the water and his sustainable management.

The matters have a multidisciplinary character and imparten by profesorado specialist in the diverse subjects that compose them. With general character each matter allows that it achieve any of the concrete specific competitions of the máster, and take part in the achievement of the general and basic competitions.

The summary of the contents of each matter is the following:

  • The cycle of the water. Resources. In this first matter of the program analyse the fundamental concepts on hidrogeología and on the regulation of superficial waters, and enter to the student in the understanding of all the elements that take part in the cycle, like catchment, storage, transport, distribution, quality and use, pollution, treatment, reuse and evacuation. It explains the methodology of the balance of water. Complementariamente Describe the causes and the effects that can cause a climatic change on the natural cycle of the water. The student realises exits to field to visualise and comprise elements like subterranean catchments, superficial storages and systems of distribution.
  • Quality of the waters. They describe the components of any present nature in the water. They develop the theoretical appearances on balances and the phenomena that take place so much of natural form and induced artificially or by the presence of contaminantes. They define the parameters of quality that evaluate the pollution, including the contaminantes prioritarios and emergent. The student realises practical of laboratory for the determination of some parameters. Complementariamente The student knows the systems of management of quality and the implantation of an integrated system of management.
  • Technologies for the treatment. The student will learn the conceptual fundamental appearances and of design of the most usual technologies of physical character, chemical and biological employed for the treatment of waters, as well as the technologies advanced and the new emergent technologies based in membranes. They realise numerical and practical exercises of laboratory on some of these operations.
  • Stations of treatment. The student will know the lines of treatment of water and slimes for distinct types of stations debuggers and water to treat (waters potables, urban residual waters and industrial), the main variables that have to consider for a suitable operation, maintenance and exploitation, and the main parameters for his control. Also it will know as it realises the composting of slimes and the importance of the reuse of biosólidos and amendment of soils. Complementariamente Will know the potential risks associated to the work in the plants of treatment and the form to apply plans of prevention and security. The student will complete his training with exercises of simulation of processes and the specific analysis of real debuggers.
  • Normative. The student will know the specific rule and the recommendations that limit the disposal and application of the waters for the distinct uses, in function of the distinct parameters indicators. It will loan special importance to the put in practice of the Directive Marco of the Water, that conditions the future of the management of the water basing it in criteria of environmental sustainability and recovery of costs.
  • Resources no conventional. The student will know as, every time with more presence, the no conventional resources derived of the reuse of residual waters and of the desalinisation incorporate to the hydrological planning. With regard to the reuse receives information on the specific rule, quality and possible uses of the waters regenerated. They analyse the costs associated to the treatment and necessary infrastructures. The student will know some real experiences of reuse. With regard to the desalinisation, will describe the distinct technologies and the current situation and future perspectives. Particularizando In the technology of ósmosis reverse, the student will learn the basic conceptual appearances and of design, employing the software  like tool of calculation. They will visit distinct installations.
  • Evaluation of needs and resources. The student will know procedures to realise projections of needs and resources to different scales on the sources of usable water for the distinct uses and his problematic specific, with special emphasis in the Sureste Spanish. It Will know new alternatives front to the shortage like the market of the water, and the options to consider for an appropriate management of the drought.
  •  Economic management. The student will know the distinct models of management of the water of abastecimiento, public, private or mixed. From an economic approach will know all the performances related with the cycle of aprovechamiento of the water, from his catchment until his evacuation, evaluating the costs associated, and as can realise the repercussion of the same in the user by means of taxes, prices and canons. Like practical applications the student will know the situation of diverse significant municipalities to scale regional and the possibilities of integrated management of resources to scale local.

To complete the program, the present title of Máster awards a big importance to the work or thesis End of Máster. The student, under the tutela and continuous direction of a professor, faces the resolution of a concrete problem, to his election, between a series of specific proposals in the distinct appearances that comprises this titulación, realising the planning, the resolution and the proposal of solution. All these works contemplate a practical part that can realise in the laboratories of the IUACA or departments collaborators in this Máster, or in companies of the sector collaborators of the program, entering to the student in the scientific world and linking it, in his case, with the professional. To these effects the IUACA keeps an excellent relation of collaboration with companies of management of the zone, as Aquagest Raise or Aquagest Region of Murcia, with mixed companies of the main municipalities of the region, with engineerings of wide implantation and Valoriza Water, Acciona Water or Network Control, and public companies and Proaguas Costablanca. Complementariamente Fit to indicate that, although they do not contemplate obligatoriamente practical of company inside the program, himself is possible his realisation through the General Foundation of the University of Alicante.

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