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Educational guide

The MSc Sustainable Management and Water technologies is designed for graduates and professionals employed in public as well as private sector companies in the water industry whose aim is to complete or update their training in the complex interdisciplinary field of water services, including supply and sanitation, the application of sustainability and new treatment criteria.   

This MSc provides the scientific and technical training necessary to preempt, identify and solve problems related to water services, including supply and sanitation, the integrated and sustainable water cycle[U1] , and for the subsequent development of a doctoral thesis in the Water and Sustainable Development doctoral program.

The topics for the doctoral thesis include many fields related to the water services, including supply and sanitation, given the different knowledge areas of the professors and researchers who are members of the University of Alicante’s  Instituto del Agua y de las Ciencias Ambientales[s2]  (Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences), which is renowned for its doctoral thesis direction in the various research areas of the Institute.

Career Opportunities

  • Project consultancy and engineering; design of infrastructure relating to: water collection and distribution, purification plants, wastewater treatment and desalination
  • Construction companies specializing in water treatment plants
  • Companies  specializing in the management of  the water cycle management and maintenance of water treatment plants
  • Water and environment consultancies.
  • Local, regional, national or EU administration related to water.
  • Private or national health service. 

MSc Programme

The MSc in Sustainable Management and Water Technologies comprises 60 ECTS credits, distributed among the following modules:  

  1. The Water Cycle. Subterranean and Surface resources (6 ECTS credits)
  2. Water quality (12 ECTS credits)
  3. Technologies for water treatment (9 ECTS credits)
  4. Water treatment plants (7 ECTS credits)
  5. Laws and regulations (2 ECTS credits)
  6. Unconventional resources (7 ECTS credits)
  7. Evaluation of requirements and resources (3 ECTS credits)
  8. Financial management (4 ECTS credits)
  9. Master’s Final Project (10 ECTS credits)

Great emphasis is placed on the Master’s Final Project.  The MSc student will embark on a specific problem solving scenario, under the tutelage of their professor, choosing between specific scenarios from the different research areas which comprise the MSc in Sustainable Management and Water Technologies. They will be required to plan, resolve and propose a solution among the various options available. (Pregunto si se puede quitar ‘resolve’ porque en Inglés ‘resolve’ and ‘propose a solution’ es muy similar. ). 

The development of experimental work is carried out in the IUACA laboratories, in several University of Alicante departments or partner companies. Furthermore, internship positions are offered in partner companies and these are managed through the Fundación General de la Universidad de Alicante (General Foundation of the University of  Alicante). 

Director of MSc Programme

  • Director: Nuria Boluda Botella, Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering .
  • Secretary: Andrés Molina Giménez, Senior lecturer,  Administrative Law

Academic Committee Members:

  • Daniel Prats Rico, Full Professor, Chemical Engineering.
  • Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno, Full Professor, History and Economic Institutions.
  • Arturo Trapote Jaume, Senior Lecturer, Hydraulic Engineering
  • Javier Irazábal Beltrán, Hidraqua S.A.  Company representative
  • Domingo Zarzo Martínez, Valoriza S.A. Company representative

Academic Staff:

45 professors and lecturers from a  multi-disciplinary academic and research background comprising 12 different knowledge areas.   

Professors from the University of Alicante: 5 Full Professors, 12 Senior lecturers , 4 Contracted Doctors , 3 Lecturers , 1 Emeritus Professor  and  2 Technicians .

  • Professors from other universities : 5 Full Professors , 1 Senior Lecturer  y 1 Ramón y Cajal researcher 
  • Experts from ndyte companies and public sector organisations (11): Hidraqua, Valoriza Agua, Proaguas Costablanca Aguas de Alicante, Dow Chemical, Olax 22, Entidad Pública de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales de la Comunidad Valenciana (EPSAR), Diputación Provincial de Alicante, Mancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla and Asociación Española de Desalación y Reutilización (AEDyR).

The University of Alicante’s MSc in Sustainable Management and Water Technologies has been training professionals for 22 years in the management of water services, including supply and sanitation. Alicante is the perfect location to study this MSc because the sustainable management of water services is a key priority for Alicante province where water is a scarce resource, and, therefore, many members of our academic staff are from companies with hands-on practical experience in managing local water services.  A significant number of doctoral students have developed their doctoral thesis in the Agua y Desarollo Sostenible (Water and sustainable development) doctoral program.


Many of our MSc students go on to occupy technical positions or are involved in the management of water services.  Indeed, one of our students, Raquel Vázquez, who graduated five years ago,  and was contracted to work in the wastewater treatment plant of  Helados Alacant confirms , “since I completed my MSc in Sustainable Management and Water technologies,  I have been a research assistant for two years, involved in the control process of a water treatment plant. In the last three years, I have been employed as a water purification technician, as well as working as deputy to the director of the plant. All my fellow students have found work in the water treatment and management sector.”

University Master in Management and Sustainable Water Technologies

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