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Bartolome Martin Fernández

bartolomemartinBartolomé Martín Fernández

Industrial technical engineer specialty mechanics. Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de Jaén

Head of the Department of infrastructure Aqualia desalination

Industrial Engineer. Specialty mechanics (structures and industrial facilities). Polytechnic University of Jaén. University of Granada. Year 1989.

For 23 years, I have developed my career in the field of engineering and construction of water treatment plants. Specifically, I have devoted more than 80% of working time to the development of desalination stations, both sea water and brackish water and tertiary treatments. Professional experience in the water sector is then attached.

Company: aqualia infraestructuras, S.A. (formerly SPA) (FCC group)

Period:Position and activity
2006 to the present Head of Department of desalination: coordination and management of the different teams of desalination of sea water and brackish water projects.
1997 2006 Project Manager: treatment of water in general plant projects, which. ´s, P.W.T.P.. ´s desalination of seawater, brackish water and reuse, tertiary treatment, thermal drying of sludge and cogeneration plants.

Company: PROJECTS and services, S.A. (PROSER) (FCC group)

Period:Position and activity
09/1991 - 04/1997 Electrical engineer in the area of electromechanical equipment.

Company: Metallurgical techniques DIMARVI, S.A.

Period:Position and activity
03/1990 - 08/1991 Drafting of construction projects and industrial installations, combining the time with Chief of work of projected construction activity.

University Institute of the Water and the Environmental Sciences

Universidad de Alicante
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