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Projects of Investigation Deprived

  • Comparative analysis of the use and management of water in the province of Alicante and its competitive environment and analysis of the heritage claim before the potential cessation or change of the Tajo-Segura transfer allowance.
    Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno.

  • Economic and environmental analysis of groundwater for irrigation in the Vinalopó.
    Consorcio de Aguas de la Marina Baja.
    Joaquín Melgarejo.

  • Research on the quality of fertilizers obtained from humus earthworm, for its viability at industrial level.
    Curso&Partners S.L.- EONA-BIOGAS
    Eloy Sentana Cremades.

  • Control of the sewage treatment plant AIADHESA.
    Helados Alacant
    Daniel Prats Rico

  • Optimization of operation parameters influencing the fouling of membranes in the MBR technology.
    Red Control S.L.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Technical assistance in the field of applied research on reduction of boron in desalted water.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Optimization of the membrane bioreactor decentralized for reuse of treated wastewater.
    Miraplas S.L.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater of high load.
    Alquimia Soluciones Ambientales S.L.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Collaboration in official master in sustainable management and water technologies
    Proaguas Costablanca
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Starting point and a tertiary treatment plant operation.
    SADYT S.A.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Collaboration in official master in sustainable management and water technologies.
    Aquagest Levante
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Development of innovative pilot solutions in the treatment and management of brine from desalination plants.
    SADYT S.A.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Economic and financial alternatives raised by the implementation of the Jucar-Vinalopo transfer.
    Martín Sevilla Jimenez.

  • Development of advanced and efficient systems of physical-chemical treatment, decanting lamellar and dissolved air flotation.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

  • Economic, social and environmental analysis of the Tajo-Segura in the Alicante province shift.
    Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno.

  • Collaboration in the Tajo-Segura analysis.
    Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo.
    Joaquin Melgarejo Moreno

  • Realization of research of water resources activities.
    Instituto Euromediterráneo del Agua
    Daniel Prats Rico

  • Drafting and delivery of a paper on the relationship and situation of water resources in the province of Alicante.
    Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno

  • Management, coordination and monitoring of projects.
    Asociación Institutos
    Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno.

  • Economic analysis of the Ebro transfer as a lasting and sustainable employment generator tool.
    Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno.

  • Development of catchment systems air for reduction of odours generated in the treatment of industrial wastewater.
    SADYT S.A.
    Daniel Prats Rico.

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